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purchase video footage

I am owning the copy- and distribution rights on all videos shown on this website. There exists plenty of additional, professionally produced and editorially investigated raw footage to all the presented topics. You can buy this footage or ready produced films for professional use. If you are interested in my video footage I will be happy to submit an offer.

pricing licence fees
Usually I am licencing video footage for single use based on the legth of the broadcast. I am charging the licence fee per starting minute. All price offers do not include tax.
If you want to licence ready produced films you will additionally have to cover the music rights as I only own the usage rights for the presentation on my own platforms.

In order to submit an offer I need the following specifications from you:
- What in detail do you need the licence for (TV broadcast, internet etc.)?
- What ist the accurate title of your program? Can you send me an internet link?
- How many minutes of my video footage do you intend to use?
- What time range do you need the licence for?
- Which range does your publication have (regional, national, worldwide)?
In any case I will need a copy of your publication (on DVD or as FTP upload at your choice).

Generally I am seeking to offer you the best possible service. Hence I will gladly adjust the configuration of the video footage to your specific needs. The licence fee includes the following service:
- Supply of the licenced video footage (rough cut or edited film) as high resolution data file on my own FTP server
- Supply of a corresponding shot list (rough cut only)
- Supply of corresponding editorial informations
- Flexible service by e-mail or phone depending on agreements and your requirements

If yo are interested in licencing video footage please contact me:

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Danny Strasser